Our Values and Philosophy

 ‘Would I be happy to be a Resident at Sunnymeade Quality Care Home or to place our mum or dad in our care?’

Warmth & Friendship

This important question provides the ‘yard stick’ each time we evaluate the care we deliver here at Sunnymeade.
Our aim is to generate a feeling of warmth and friendship within the home by placing high importance on how we behave towards each other. Respect, dignity and kindness are our ‘watchwords’, as we strive to ‘treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves’.

We work hard to create a consistent and reassuring atmosphere, where help is always available when needed, evoking the sense of security and well-being. Only those who are kind, compassionate and understanding in their delivery of care are invited to work here.

We are All Different

At Sunnymeade we respect the differences between us by celebrating diversity through promoting equality and inclusion. We can only achieve our aim to help you feel happy and healthy during your time with us by getting to know you really well. The foundations of the care we provide are based on the four following principles. and inspire the way we look after you or your loved one:-


We implement a personalised care plan so you can get on with enjoy each and every day of your life.


We encourage you to live every day as you wish by doing the things that bring you pleasure.


We will listen carefully to your opinions and involve you in every decision about your care.


We are committed to fostering a strong social bond between Residents, our staff, and the wider community.