A Warm Welcome to Sunnymeade

“On behalf of myself and my dedicated team I welcome you to Sunnymeade Quality Care, a well-established, privately run care facility situated in Derriford Plymouth, Devon”

On a Personal Perspective

I am a qualified nurse and have been involved in caring for the elderly at management level for over 30 years. My interest in providing the best possible outcomes for the elderly in care began many years ago, when I worked within the community for the NHS. During this time, the poor quality of care I witnessed ignited a passion within me to do much better by establishing my own care home.

‘Would I be happy to place my mum or dad in our care?’

This important question provides the ‘yard stick’ each time we evaluate the care we provide at Sunnymeade Quality Care Home. In recent years, when my mother became ill with dementia and moved in as a permanent Resident, ‘It took on a very personal significance

My Testimony

Any Resident at Sunnymeade may have a whole range of complex needs and my lovely mum was no exception. Unfortunately, she suffered from many illnesses including Dementia. Of all the illnesses, Dementia brought with it the most unwelcome changes, both to her physical and mental health. These changes could often make caring for my mum’s needs very difficult and extremely stressful; however, my wonderful, professional, and compassionate team rose to each and every challenge as it occurred, without question or complaint.
Reassuringly, my mum came to think of Sunnymeade as her home, a home where she felt valued and secure, a home she was more than happy to return to after our afternoon adventures out together.
As I look back on this time, I can recall moments of sheer joy, coupled with those of great sadness and tears. However, throughout all the difficulties we encountered, we were both extremely fortunate to be supported by a dedicated team who worked hard to provide excellent care………………….. every single day!

We are there for you when it matters

Choosing a care home for yourself, or on behalf of a loved one, is an extremely important decision and can prove a daunting experience. At Sunnymeade we believe in being there for you and your family from the outset and we do our very best to help you throughout every step of the process.

As you scroll through our website you will see that it is designed to offer you a glimpse into the daily life at Sunnymeade, as well as to provide helpful advice, guidance, and valuable links to the information you will need to make an informed choice.
However, if you would like to gain a ‘sense’ of our homely, caring atmosphere, to gauge the wellbeing of those in residence, or to witness the commitment and attitudes of our dedicated staff, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.

Wendy Adams